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part 4- evaluation

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

The construction of the music video was something new for me as I have not used final cut pro or I movie before, only once last year in my as course doing a opening sequence. This year during my a-level course when editing the music video we were asked to use final cut pro, in which I have never used before. I and my partner Jess were showed how to use the final cut pro by a media teacher in our school, me and Jess took it in turns to edit the music video, we had used up all our free time to get it perfect, when we first started to edit the music video I enjoyed to watch back on all the scenes and needed to be deleted scenes. I also felt like a professional editing a movie, because we deleted the scenes that didn’t work, and we were really mature about getting the work done.

One of the internet sources I used was youtube, I used this on a regular basis to find similar music videos to my own and to listen the song by madness when coming up with a storyboard.

Photoshop at first was a challenge for me, but then my partner gave me tips and ideas I finally got used to using the buttons and effects and found it really fun to use as it made the final image look professional.

part 3 of evaluation

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The feedback brought attention to us for the problems in the music video that needed to be brought to light. The feed back was especially good because it was reviewed by students in our media class, which were in the target audience category, what I mean by this is that they were at the age range of the target audience.

The positive comments reflected on all the music video, the audience had said that the music video had some very good shots in it, which made it look creative. The audience also had said that the music video was humorous at the beginning and followed by an unstaged look, which was effective in terms of introducing a new band to the media. The had also recognized the beginning of the music video to be funny, and similar to queens ‘I want to break free’ which was what we wanted to hear.

The negative list was kept rather short, they said that there was one scene in the music video that was too long and we needed to cut it up by having close up of the boy band singing, this scene was of the boy band sitting on a bench in the distance singing to the lyrics of the chorus, I agree with this comment, and notified myself that we had made close up shots of the boys singing on the park bench by they were taped over.

If I could change anything myself, or if I was to do the music video again, then I would recommend to not do it in a park, as it does give a lazy feel, and would have the boy band singing much more through out the music video, as it gives the audience more insight of the band.

part 2 of the evaluation

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

Our music video relates to my poster and digipak in so many ways, the music video revolves around the idea of being fun and not acting to the extreme, and when they do it will be for a purpose only to make the target audience laugh. Now I feel that the poster and digipak work well together as an advertisement scheme to promote a new band to the media industry as well as the target audience.

The idea of both the poster and the digipak being a theme of pop art was a really good idea because then it makes the name stand out to the extreme, it creates the title ‘boyz with bowz’ to have more of an understanding. The idea of the boys wearing bows was to promote a new smart idea, rather than men wearing ties boys wear bows, creating an identity of the bows being fun, leading to a theme to be worn by fans at the gigs of the band. Each color represents the characters in the band, this needed to be shown as much as possible for the band to succeed.

evaluation part one

In this essay I am going to bring to conclusion how effective the music video, digipak, and poster were in terms of promoting a new band to the media industry. I will identify the codes and conventions of each product and give my feelings towards the audience feedback.

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our media product introduce a theme that reflects on indie pop boy bands, the music video keeps a pattern of fun and humor through out the song. The product identifies that the band is a pop rock group by the unique characteristics included through out the music video.

For example at the beginning of the music video the band respond to a music video once performed by a famous pop rock band called queen, reflecting on this concept in a similar way creates a form of humor and allows the audience to recognize the idea set by the music video. The idea of the music video to start with a scene from queens ‘I want to break free’ was so that the audience can expand from being teenagers up to the age of 40 as they will find this scene amusing.

Another connection to real media products used in our music video is that the music video was fun and interesting to watch because it was not a stereotypical sad or depressing music video such as music videos from pop bands, it looked unstaged which was our aim from the start, for example the last part of the music video was in the park, which gave a idea of older boys in shirts and bows acting like kids of the age of 6 and not teenage thugs acting up and writing all over the slides wearing hoodies. The characters in the band gave a new meaning to teenagers in the park, which was humorous for our target audience to watch.

My digipak and poster related to the music video by keeping the theme of pop rock by keeping to the significance of being bright and happy rather that dull and sad. The idea of the poster and digipak being colorful came from the props used in the music video, which was the bows worn by the band, giving a relation to the title of the band ‘boyz with bowz’ which also keeps a unique characteristic in itself, the bows each had a different colour representing each boy In the band, a good effect in introducing the characters.

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our target audience

We want our target audience to range from the age starting from 14 up to the age of 40, according to their habbits and interests.

They need to have an interest in music that relates to pop and indie, they also want to be able have a good time.